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LTA, NParks planting a cool idea at bus stops across S’pore

As part of a plan to cool the city, the NParks and LTA have started rolling out green-roofed bus stops across the island. (ST PHOTO: ARIFFIN JAMAR)
The Straits Times
05 Sep 2022
LTA NParks

Commenting on the National Parks Board (NParks) and Land Transport Authority (LTA) rolling out green-roofed bus stops across the island, SMU Associate Professor of Urban Climate Winston Chow, who is also a lead investigator in Cooling Singapore, a research initiative tackling urban heat, explained why while plant cover can be effective in reducing surface temperatures, its influence on ambient temperatures "isn't that significant". He added, "For bus stops, the cooling effect is highly unlikely to be felt by the waiting passengers. A better option is to concentrate on improving shade and airflow, which in my view is already quite well done in Singapore."