On Parade
Straits Settlements Eurasian Men who Volunteered to Defend the Empire 1862 - 1957

by: Mary Anne Jansen, John Geno-Oehlers, Ann Ehert Oehlers

The Culture and Security of Eurasian Communities in Southeast Asia

by: Antonio L Rappa
Co – published and under the imprint Ethos Books by Pagesetters Services Pte Ltd, 2014

Marc Leguay and Jean Le Mayeur
Gauguins of South East Asia

by: Francis Benteux
Foreword by Kirpal Singh, 2014

(Almost) Uniquely Singapore
18 Objects

Edited by: Pang Eng Fong
Select publishing an imprint of Select Books Pte Ltd, 2013

Progress and its Dis-contents:
Is Singapore pursuing progress at too great a cost to society?

Edited by: Pang Eng Fong
Forword by Kirpal Singh

Introduction by Alex Au, 2011

Multiculturalism Through The Lens
A Guide to Ethnic and Migrant Anxieties in Singapore

by: Catherine Gomes
Published by Ethos Books for the Wee Kim Wee Centre, SMU with support from RMIT University, 2015