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What on earth is going on with the planet?

Current El Nino conditions have an additive effect to underlying climate change, pushing temperatures to record highs. (PHOTO: AFP)
The Straits Times
16 Jul 2023
What on earth

Commenting on United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres's remark that “climate change is out of control” after data showed the first week of July was the hottest week on record, SMU Associate Professor of Urban Climate Winston Chow said, “I don’t think it is out of control – yet. We can control and reduce future risks of heat and from other climate impacts if greenhouse gas emissions are reduced globally and action is taken to adapt to these impacts, especially in vulnerable areas.” Assoc Prof Chow however noted that heat records, human and financial costs from related climate extremes such as fires and floods, could pile on pressure for accelerated action in Dubai that goes beyond just phasing out fossil fuels.