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Tomorrow City – S1E2: Sun (Interview with Winston Chow)

Channel News Asia Online
24 Aug 2021
Tomorrow City Winston

In an interview, SMU Associate Professor of Science, Technology and Society Winston Chow, who is the Principal investigator of Cooling Singapore, shares about the Cooling Singapore project and discussed amongst others the urban heat island effect and outdoor thermal comfort.

About the show:

Singapore is geologically challenged and with climate change, a growing population and economic competition – the country needs land to develop. To overcome the pervasive space challenge, the country is investing in megaprojects that will help overcome these problems and take it into the next century.

In the first episode, we tunnel under and feature the USD $10 billion Deep Tunnel Sewerage System as it enters its second phase of construction. But tunnelling on such a scale comes with challenges and to build within such a restricted space, the team has to employ state of the art machinery and technology. Next, the series takes a closer look at Singapore’s solar masterplan. Renewable energies like solar require land and to meet its targeted energy output by 2030, planners have to relook how space can be utilized more efficiently. Lastly, the city of tomorrow is working to secure its economic future, by building the multi-billion dollar Tuas megaport that will rule them all.