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S’pore Management University is 1st local uni to guarantee overseas experiences for 100% of undergrads

Mothership Online
24 Feb 2023
SMU 1st local

SMU is the first local university to guarantee overseas experiences for 100% of students. SMU highlights that the benefits of overseas experiences include letting students step out of their comfort zones, opening their minds, and allowing them to become more globally attuned and culturally sensitive. It offers international student exchange programmes, internships, study trips, community service, and other chances to go abroad. SMU also offers a wide range of financial assistance schemes, awards, and scholarships that help students go on overseas trips. Besides its guarantee of overseas experience for 100 per cent of students, the university also guarantees that 100 per cent of students will be able to pursue a second major. SMU also has offerings for students who are interested in even more learning opportunities outside the bounds of traditional academic disciplines. Its flexible Core Curriculum allows students to experience learning across different interdisciplinary courses without restrictions. SMU students receive comprehensive support to help them get started in their careers, including assigning each student a dedicated career coach, resulting in SMU having the strongest graduate employment outcomes across local universities every year.