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Some influencers in Singapore keen to pay for Meta Verified subscription to tackle fake accounts and boost earnings

Photo: Bloggers and influencers (from left) Dawn Cher, Anda Chaudhry and Divya Gupta said that they are willing to pay for verified social media accounts.
TODAY Online
26 Feb 2023
SG influencers

SMU Professor of Communication & Technology Lim Sun Sun said that it is "entirely likely" that Meta Verified could flounder in the same way that Twitter Blue did. She noted, however, that verifying accounts based on the governmental identification document that users have to submit will add an extra layer of authentication, which was something Twitter did not do. On the significance of Meta's new service, Prof Lim believes that the end goal is to allow the tech giant to test the market appetite for such paid products, as well as the verification system requiring a valid identity document, to see how well it works and how robust it is.