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Recognising unpaid environmental duties

A case study by SMU Assistant Professor Sayd Randle reveals how the maintenance of green infrastructure can place an extra burden on lower-income marginalised communities.
Eurek Alert Online
26 May 2023
Recognising unpaid

SMU Assistant Professor of Urban Studies Sayd Randle who recently joined the University, said, “I see moving to Singapore as an exciting opportunity to extend my research programme beyond the United States and develop new work on the urban environmental challenges facing Asian cities.” Asst Prof Randle's research focus is on the spatial and cultural politics of urban climate adaptation. She recently published a case study based on field work she conducted on a green infrastructure pilot project in a residential area of Los Angeles and noted the importance of acknowledging unpaid ecosystem duties in green infrastructure planning. The research article “Ecosystem duties, green infrastructure, and environmental injustice in Los Angeles" was awarded an Honourable Mention for the 2022 Bonnie J. McCay Junior Scholar Award, a prize given by the American Anthropological Association's Anthropology and Environment Society.