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Preparing Students for the Future with Integrative Studies

PR Newswire Asia Online
09 Nov 2022
Prepare students

SMU hosted the Education Leaders' Symposium with a theme of "Integrative Studies and the Future of Learning" on Nov 9. The one-day event focused on equipping educators with a know-how of adopting integrative methodology in their classrooms, to steer students towards integrative learning. Guest-of-Honour Mr Chan Chun Sing, Minister for Education, addressed the audience via a pre-recorded message, where he congratulated SMU on the official launch of its CIS. Dean of College of Integrative Studies and Professor of Political Science Elvin Lim delivered a keynote address at the Symposium themed "Redefining Specialisation for the Post-Industrial Age", where he discussed how the idea of "specialisation" needs to be redefined and updated for the modern age.