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Nurturing future sustainability leaders in Singapore through climate education

Gov Insider Online
26 Jul 2022
Nurture Future

Tertiary education institutions in Singapore are gearing up to fill in the talent gap for sustainability professionals. At the undergraduate level, since 2019, all students at SMU have had the opportunity to take a second major in sustainability that comprises interdisciplinary courses in various business specialisations, such as finance, operations and marketing entrepreneurship, and non-business fields, such as climate change and sustainability law and policy. The university’s core curriculum also exposes students to important issues with environmental, social, and economic sustainability dimensions, said SMU Associate Professor of Science, Technology and Society Winston Chow. Recognising the need for climate education, Equinix has invested in scholarships to encourage more students to pursue disciplines that can help tackle climate change, such as sustainable business management. For example, the Equinix Sustainability Scholarship at SMU provides funding and internship opportunities for students who major in sustainability.