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Is it already ‘game over’ in the metaverse for Bondee, Singapore’s avatar-based app?

Bondee app. (Photo: Facebook/Bondee ID)
South China Morning Post Online
25 Feb 2023
Game over

Commenting on home-grown avatar-based app Bondee's moment in the sun, SMU Professor of Communication & Technology Lim Sun Sun said, “Avatars alone can’t draw people in, it’s what the entire platform allows you to do with your avatar that gives the platform its stickiness.”  The cutesy aesthetics and whimsical feel of Bondee was a “nice hook” but if there isn’t anything else after that, then it is quite literally, “game over”, she said, adding that this will be a challenge for metaverse developers to meet. Prof Lim also said that early adopters may want the “full shebang” such as the ability to touch and smell along with a full immersive experience, while the majority probably still have no idea what they want from the metaverse and see it as a “kind of souped up online experience” at this point. She believes platforms need to offer functions that will have people “visiting and revisiting” the app, such as Facebook’s News Feed.