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Interdisciplinary education key to developing green economy skills

NYU's dean of the Gallatin School of Individualised Study Victoria Rosner believes the school's interdisciplinary model is uniquely suited to the study of sustainability. (PHOTO: NYU PHOTO BUREAU)
The Straits Times
27 Feb 2023
Interdisciplinary education

In this second part of the Straits Times-SMU four-part series on building a sustainable and resilient future for Singaporeans, New York University Gallatin School of Individualised Study dean Prof Victoria Rosner shared her views on how interdisciplinary education is uniquely suited to preparing students for the green economy. She said that she was heartened to hear that the faculty at SMU studied the Gallatin model when planning its new College of Integrative Studies (CIS). CIS allows students to pick from about 1,000 courses offered by the various schools in SMU.