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How Cities Affect Climate Change, and Vice Versa: the LePage Centre’s Most Recent Webinar

The Lepage Center hosted the climate change webinar recently. (Photo: Villanova University)
The Villanovan Online
22 Apr 2023
Affect climate change

The panellists of the Albert LePage Centre’s most recent webinar, entitled “Climate Change in Historical Perspective: Climate Change and Cities,” explored the complex connection between urbanisation and its environmental impacts. The webinar’s final speaker, SMU Associate Professor of Environmental History Fiona Clare Williamson, wrapped up the discussion with a focused look at the connection between human settlement and the environment within Singapore between 1877 and 1911. She expanded on the themes presented by other speakers, and tailored those themes to her consideration of Singapore at the turn of the 20th century. Assoc Prof Williamson examined the drought that occurred in this country and the spread of disease, water shortage and economic effects that this phenomenon had on particularly urban areas. She pointed out that the drought also exacerbated social tensions within the cities, and this tension manifested within the rioting, both peaceful and violent, that occurred because of the drought, and the human costs that those riots inflicted.