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With generative AI, do we still need unis?

With ever-growing forms of AI at our doorstep, the future graduate must purposefully pursue learning experiences that are expansive and immersive. (ST PHOTO: KUA CHEE SIONG)
The Straits Times
11 May 2023
Generative AI

In a commentary, SMU President Professor Lily Kong and SMU Vice President of Partnerships and Engagement and Professor of Communication & Technology Lim Sun Sun discussed why there is a need for universities even as generative artificial intelligence (AI) may increasingly cause job displacement. They believe a university education can make all the difference in a world infused with innovations like generative AI, as it allows people to hone their human instincts and people skills to augment the rich substantive knowledge they will acquire. They also shared how universities, with their diverse and stimulating learning environments, can prepare individuals for real-world challenges, and help them achieve well-rounded competencies that extend well beyond their course of study or disciplinary focus.