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In Focus: How will 40°C weather affect daily life in Singapore?

Illustration of a man on his commute, at work and jogging. (Illustration: CNA/Clara Ho)
Channel News Asia Online
01 Jul 2023
In Focus 40°C

Sharing his views on how to address heat stress in Singapore, SMU Associate Professor of Urban Climate and principal investigator of the Cooling Singapore research project Winston Chow said there could be stronger policy measures penalising organisations that do not adapt to increased heat exposure to encourage behavioural changes. Ensuring that safety and health regulations protect workers from heat exposure will also become even more important. For outdoor workers, these may be policies looking at their right to water and shade, as well as the option to cease work if it is too hot, he added. Assoc Prof Chow also explained how a heat advisory system and nature-based solutions could help and highlighted the importance of not taking the climate for granted while acknowledging the role of the environment when making choices.