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Explainer: APAC at 1.5°C of global warming

A beach hotel in popular surfing destination Siargao Island in Surigao del Norte, Philippines is totally devastated by Typhoon Rai. (Image: Albert Lozada/ Greenpeace)
Eco-Business Online
24 May 2022
Explainer APAC

Sharing his views on climate change actions, SMU Associate Professor of Science, Technology and Society Winston Chow said, “The overall pace of adaptation and climate resilient development is patchy; they are not considered by some governments but are taken seriously by others.” Assoc Prof Chow who worked on the latest Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change (IPCC) report on climate adaptation added, “I think the evidence is clear. Pre-emptive adaptation would considerably lower some climate risks substantially, and commensurate costs of such adaptation are generally worth the benefits as we’ve assessed in the IPCC.”