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The Big Read: Cyberbullying is more rampant and damaging to young lives than we think. It's time to take it seriously

With more children getting hold of digital devices at an ever younger age, the risk of cyberbullying will only grow in the coming years, experts reiterated. (Illustration: TODAY/Anam Musta'ein)
Channel News Asia Online
30 Jan 2023

Commenting on the growing scourge of cyberbullying, SMU Professor of Communication and Technology and Vice President of Partnerships and Engagement Lim Sun Sun said that for youths who are curious about how people perceive them, cyberbullying can have an enduring impact as their bullies’ comments can be seen as feedback that is accessible anytime. Bullies also tend to extend traditional bullying into the online realm, added Prof Lim. For example, mean comments said in person could also be said online. “With many children being online and their network of friends being replicated online, the peer dynamics will also filter from offline to online naturally,” she said.