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Beware scammers soliciting donations for quake victims

Residents queueing for humanitarian aid in Samandag, Turkey, on Sunday. (PHOTO: EPA-EFE)
The Straits Times
20 Feb 2023
Beware scammers

Charities in Singapore are aware that scammers overseas have been soliciting donations purportedly on behalf of victims of the Turkey-Syria earthquake, and are reminding donors to stay alert. SMU Professor of Communication and Technology and Vice President of Partnerships and Engagement Lim Sun Sun noted how scammers take advantage of the tremendous outpouring of sympathy for victims of disasters. “They know that people want to offer some form of solidarity and support and may feel helpless if they are observing the tragedy from afar,” she said. When asked why people will donate to a fund-raiser they see on social media even if they have not heard of the organisation, Prof Sun said, “If the fund-raiser is shared by a friend, some people may let their guard down and donate even if they do not know the person behind the campaign.”