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AI chatbot poses new challenge to school in plagiarism fight

ChatGPT has prompted some schools to start thinking of ways to mitigate cheating, ahead of students’ return to schools. (PHOTO: PEXELS)
The Straits Times
02 Jan 2023
AI Chatbot

ChatGPT is an intelligent chatbot that can spin essays and solve mathematical equations in seconds. Describing ChatGPT as “ground-breaking”, SMU Professor of Communication and Technology; Vice President (Partnerships and Engagement) and Lee Kong Chian Fellow Lim Sun Sun said educators must ask more of students than simply to regurgitate content. She said ChatGPT might even fare better than students in regurgitating content, as its use of grammar is consistently sound. She also explained why AI bots need not be a threat. When asked what measures were in place to catch cheating, the SMU spokesperson said the school uses Turnitin as a means of gatekeeping. While SMU does not consider Turnitin a means to catch all plagiarism, the software provides a starting point and a percentage view of how likely it is that the piece has been written by a student or an AI, said the spokesperson.