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若无闲事挂心头 | Aging Well in Singapore

Aging Well in Singapore
Saturday, 27 Jan 2024, 10:30 AM–12:00 PM
Mochtar Riady Auditorium, Administration Building, Level 5, Singapore Management University (81 Victoria Street, Singapore 188065)
Speaker Details

黄卫众 Ng Wai Chong

Chan Cheow Thia


Dr Ng Wai Chong is a practising community aged-care physician and the Founder-CEO of NWC Longevity Practice, a social enterprise providing aged care consultancy, training, research, and direct clinical services. He is recognised as a thought-leader in healthy ageing and caregiving with interests in community aged-care system development, primary care, case management, caregiver care and comprehensive needs assessment.

廉凤讲座 / Lien Fung's Colloquium
Open To
SMU Community, Public
Event Synopsis

“离苦得乐”是所有生物的本能。身为万物之灵的我们 - 有文字、有历史、有文明,对快乐与痛苦的思维和离苦得乐之道,当然更有认知。由于前人的睿智与刻苦,这一代的我们有幸享有前所未有的经社发展、优良的生活品质和完善的医疗体系,平均寿命也日益增长。但也因为如此,许多国人必须面对年老所带来的诸多不便。让我们一起向各代人学习,如何为我们的未来做准备。

All beings, human or otherwise, naturally avoid suffering and pursue happiness. Even as we do so, we grow and age, and subject ourselves to the ever-increasing odds of illness and debilitation. How do we understand and manage this? Surely there is a lot to learn from older persons and their caregivers. 

*讲座将以中文进行 | This lecture is presented in Mandarin
Simultaneous interpretation into English will be provided for this lecture