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Rewiring Resilience: Neuroscience, Mindfulness and More

Rewiring Resilience: Neuroscience, Mindfulness and More
Thursday, 14 Oct 2021, 07:00 pm–08:30 pm
Zoom (Online)
Speaker Details

Christopher Willard

Chris Willard Dr. Christopher Willard, (Psy. D.) is a clinical psychologist, author and consultant based in Massachusetts. He has been invited to more than two dozen countries to speak, and has presented at two TEDx events. He is the author of eighteen books, including Alphabreaths (2019), Growing Up Mindful (2016) and How we Grow Through What we Go Through. (2022) His thoughts on mental health have been featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post,,, and elsewhere. He teaches at Harvard Medical School.
TY Lee Mindfulness Series
Open To
SMU Community, Public
Event Synopsis

In this introduction to the latest research on Mindfulness and contemplative practice, Dr. Chris Willard will be guiding us through the latest practices and what actually happens in our brains during this time. Touching on physiology, neuroscience and even epigenetics, we will spend the time both practicing and learning, all while strengthening neural networks and connections throughout our brain and body.