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The Political Economy of International Financial Crises

The Political Economy of International Financial Crises
Tuesday, 14 Mar 2023, 05:00 PM–06:30 PM
Function Room, Yong Pung How School of Law, Level 4, Singapore Management University
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Jamus Lim

Jamus Lim Jamus Lim is Associate Professor of Economics at ESSEC Business School and a member of the 14th Parliament of Singapore, representing Sengkang. Previously, he was the chief economist of the ThirdRock Group, an investment management and wealth advisory firm, a lead economist at the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority and before that, a senior economist with the World Bank. His research expertise and interests lie at the intersection of international macro-finance, political economy, and development economics, and his work has appeared in leading academic journals such as the Journal of Monetary Economics and Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking, along with policy flagships such as the World Bank's Global Economic Prospects and the joint IMF-World Bank Global Monitoring Report. An old Rafflesian, he graduated with first-class honors in economics from the University of Southern Queensland, and went on to graduate work at the London School of Economics, the University of California, and Harvard University.
Distinguished Speaker Series - Economics and Society
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Event Synopsis

In this lecture, we will explore how political actors and dynamics — such as special interest lobbying, legislative bargaining, and two-party electoral competition—can affect phenomena in finance. We will offer theoretical explanations for how political economic pressures come into play, and review the accompanying empirical evidence, bringing in a number of contemporary real-world examples. We will conclude with some reflections on policy.