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Modeling Ethics in Digital Environments

Modeling Ethics in Digital Environments
Friday, 23 Feb 2024, 05:30 pm–07:00 pm
Mochtar Riady Auditorium, Administration Building, Level 5, Singapore Management University
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Tom Özden-Schilling

Tom Özden-SchillingTom Özden-Schilling is Presidential Young Professor of Sociology and Anthropology at the National University of Singapore. His first book, The Ends of Research: Indigenous and Settler Science after the War in the Woods, is an ethnography of environmental deregulation in western Canada and its effects on indigenous and settler researchers’ struggles to maintain long-term forestry experiments and sovereignty projects. Tom’s current project examines the social costs of green energy transitions through emergence of new critical minerals research and development initiatives in the United States, Malaysia, and Australia. Before joining NUS, Tom was Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Johns Hopkins University.
Distinguished Speaker Series - Digital Transformation
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SMU Community, Public
Event Synopsis

How do digital modeling experts shape how we conceptualise environments, extraction, and ethical stewardship? Simulations of forest growth and underground minerals shape how politicians and developers attach financial values and moral claims to landscapes. Computer models also transform how communities experience time by embedding tree harvests rotations and mine expansion timelines into the rhythms of everyday life. This talk explores the worlds of modeling experts in an era of unprecedented environmental change and examines the shifting relationship between human authors and digital tools as the ethics and organization of resource planning is increasingly attributed to algorithms.