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Crafting a Sticky Story in Seconds

Crafting a Sticky Story in Seconds
Friday, 30 Sep 2022, 03:30 pm–05:00 pm
Zoom (Online)
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Anjali Sharma

Anjali Sharma

Anjali is the founder of Narrative: The Business of Stories, a multinational story practice working with brands such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Airbnb, Bytedance TikTok, Microsoft and Shell. The practice focusses on helping individuals and organisations find, curate and tell their transformation stories. Anjali has spoken on Business Storytelling in New York, Russia, India, Singapore, Japan, Australia, and many other Southeast Asian countries.

Anjali’s extensive background in corporate roles informs her work, so that it is not just theoretical, but based on extensive experience, and understanding of issues companies and employees face in delivering their best work.

She is the best-selling co-author of Unleash Your Voice and Success Mindsets Anthology. Success Mindsets is a Wall Street Journal and a USA Today bestseller. Her new book, Strategic Storytelling, is launching in 2022 and is published by Hachette Book Group (HBG), a leading US trade publisher and a division of the third largest trade and educational book publisher in the world, Hachette Livre.

Distinguished Speaker Series - Management Communication
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SMU Community
Event Synopsis

From time immemorial, humans have told stories to entertain, educate and influence. Good storytellers are able to spark instantaneous engagement with their audience. 

Today, we live in a world where there is too much information and very little time. What does not connect immediately, gets ignored. Carefully-crafted stories that resonate are, therefore, a super-glue of attention and affinity. They have the power to perform in time-poor, digitally-accelerated, and diverse working environments. These stories make it virtually impossible for the audience to ignore the storyteller’s message. They even have the power to transform the most resistant of audiences.

Today’s session is designed to be your practical guide to becoming a storyteller who can make any message stick.