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The Art and Science Involved in Telling a Great Story - Oct 2021

The Art and Science Involved in Telling a Great Story - Oct 2021
Friday, 01 Oct 2021, 03:30 pm–05:00 pm
Zoom (Online)
Speaker Details

Prakash Kamdar

Prakash Prakash is the CEO of dentsu international Singapore, leading a 500+ strong group of Creative, Media, and Customer Experience Management professionals who are deeply passionate about being Champions of Meaningful Progress to the communities that they serve. With 24 years of expertise in digital marketing and digital transformation, Prakash has a deep love for creativity, design, data, and technology. As a former entrepreneur, he has over 18 years of experience in founding, growing, and transforming Singapore-based award-winning digital agencies. Over the years, Prakash and his teams have conceptualized and delivered ground-breaking business and marketing solutions for brands such as Dell, Coca-Cola, FWD Insurance, and General Motors.



Anjali Sharma

Anjali Anjali is one of the leading business storytelling consultants and founder of Narrative: The Business of Stories. Anjali has spoken on Business Storytelling in New York, Russia, India, Singapore, Japan, Australia, and many other Southeast Asian countries. She helps individuals and organizations find, curate and tell their transformation stories. Anjali works with brands such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Airbnb, Bytedance, TikTok, Microsoft and Shell. Anjali’s extensive background in corporate roles informs her work, so that it is not just theoretical, but based on experience, and understanding of issues companies and employees face in delivering their best work. Her book Storied is launching in 2022.



Vikram Chakravarty

Vikram Vikram Chakravarty is the ASEAN Managing Partner for Strategy and Transactions at Ernst & Young Solutions LLP. Vikram’s experience spans geographies, competencies, and industries. Leading some of the largest accounts in Asia in the consumer, health care, industrial, and resources sectors, he is highly experienced in strategy, commercial diligence, merger integration and divestment work. Vikram joined Ernst & Young in 2014 and has since built the Strategy and Operational practice into a market-leading group. Prior to this, he was the Asia-Pacific Head for Strategy and Corporate Finance at A.T. Kearney and has worked with Monitor Co. and The Economist. Vikram is the author of Asian Merger & Acquisitions – Riding the Wave.


Distinguished Speaker Series - Management Communication
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SMU Community
Event Synopsis

Storytelling is universal and is as ancient as humankind. From time immemorial, humans have told stories to entertain, educate and influence. Stories are a part of every culture across the world. They are a part of our private, social and professional lives.

Stories are central to human cognition and communication. Good storytellers are able to spark instantaneous engagement with their audience as stories go beyond mere facts and figures alone. By exposing their audience to a whole gamut of emotions and experiences, good storytellers encourage their audience to make connections between their cognitive and emotional realms, thereby helping them attain a better understanding of the issue at hand.