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AI Past, Present and Now and Stories from the Trenches

AI Past, Present and Now and Stories from the Trenches
Friday, 30 Sep 2022, 05:30 pm–07:00 pm
Zoom (Online)
Speaker Details

Laurence Liew

Laurence Liew Laurence Liew is the Director for AI Innovation at AI Singapore. He drives the adoption of AI by Singapore’s ecosystem through the 100 Experiments, AI Apprenticeship programmes and various AI Makerspace initiatives. A visionary and serial technopreneur, he identified and introduced Singapore's enterprises to Linux and open source (1999), High Performance Computing (HPC) Cluster (2001), Grid Computing (2003), Cloud Computing (2007) and Data Science with R (2011) amongst others. Liew graduated from National University of Singapore (NUS) with First Class Honours in Engineering and holds a Masters in Knowledge Engineering from NUS.
Distinguished Speaker Series - Digital Transformation
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Event Synopsis

In this two-part lecture, Laurence Liew will cover a brief history of AI past, the current AI landscape and AI in the next 25 years. He will then share a few snapshots of interesting real-world AI war stories that are more often about people than the AI technology itself.