Community Service (1 CU)

Community Service has notably been part of SMU’s DNA since our university’s inception in 2000. All students are required to complete a minimum of 80 hours of community service (CS) as part of their graduation requirement. The Community Service experience serves as a unique experiential learning opportunity for students to undergo development in personal mastery, global citizenry, collaboration and project management skills. To further integrate our co-curriculum with the academic curriculum, one CU will be awarded for community service for students matriculated from AY2019-20 onwards.

The Community Service programme will be enhanced to focus more on learning outcomes and help students to better understand and apply their learning. The enhanced credit-bearing Community Service programme will impart service learning knowledge and equip students with skills to conduct critical needs analysis and asset mapping, so as to help them provide more impactful and sustainable service to the community. The programme will also include a Reflective Practice unit to equip students with the skills for deeper and more meaningful reflection.